Pump Repair

Pump Repair

Pump Repair & Services

Let Neely Well Drilling find and install the perfect pump for you.

With 6 generations in the pump and drilling industry, Neely is your trusted source for pump repair and replacements of all shapes and sizes.

Our Pumps

At Neely Well Drilling we will size and install the pump best suited to meet your water needs and pump repair. Well depth, water quality, and volume often dictate which pump we install in your well.

Being a dealer for several different pump manufacturers allows us to select the pump best suited to work with the conditions in your well.


Grundfos Pumps in Illinois

What We Do

At Neely Well Drilling Service & Installation, we prefer to use Goulds Pumps, Berkley Pumps, Sta-Rite Pumps, Grundfos, Red Jacket and Well-X-Trol tanks.

No matter what brand of pump you have in your well, if there’s a problem, call us, we can help!

We’ve got 6 generations of experience troubleshooting pumps & wells.  There’s no problem we can’t tackle.


Water Well Pressure Tanks

The well pump is considered the heart of the pumping system, but the life expectancy of the pump in a 20 lb. differential system is largely determined by the size of the pressure tank.  The frequent starts from using a small pressure tank can greatly reduce the life expectancy of the pump.

A smaller pressure tank is used with a constant pressure pumping system (Variable Frequency Drive) because the controller provides a soft start and variable speed to maintain a set pressure at a wide range of water flow.


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Service Questions

If you find yourself without water, facing issues with low water pressure, encountering dirty water, noticing water surging, or experiencing bursts of air from your faucet, these are signs of potential problems with your water well pump or the water tank.

A water shortage could arise from a variety of causes. Begin by checking the pump breaker in your electrical box to ensure it’s functioning properly. If it’s fine, proceed to assess the water tank’s pressure gauge for any pressure indications. A reading above 40 psi may indicate a blocked filter that needs changing (if present), or that the pressure gauge is not working correctly. Broken or jammed pressure gauges are a common issue we encounter. Furthermore, a cut wire leading to the pump or a malfunctioning pump requiring replacement could also be the culprit. These issues are some of the most common ones identified by our technicians.

If you’re experiencing a water outage, there are several potential causes to investigate. Start by checking the well or water pump circuit breaker in your electrical panel to ensure it hasn’t tripped. If it’s in working order, the next step is to inspect the pressure gauge on your water tank for any pressure readings. Should the gauge show a reading above 40 psi, it might indicate a clogged or outdated filter needing replacement (provided you have one installed), or it could signal that the pressure gauge is faulty. It’s quite common to come across pressure gauges that are either broken or stuck. Additionally, a malfunction could be due to a severed wire leading to the pump, or the pump itself might be defective and require replacement. These are among the typical issues our technicians encounter.